A long time ago in a college far far away, young Jedi learning The Force (what else – the C language) would be given a problem -something like the following.

What’s the output of the following?


j=i++ + i + i-- + i++ + i++;
k=j-- - j++ + i++;

printf("%d %d %d",i,j,k);

The young Jedi would eagerly figure out the numbers printed by the program and be really proud of their powers !!

Yes, the Force Was With Them.

Well it’s really been A Long Long Time Ago.

Today if someone shows me the same problem and asks me for the output, I would say that the output of that code snippet was

The developer of that code snippet was FIRED !!

Magical Coding is Out, Maintainable Code is the IN thing.

If no one can understand what you are writing, this galaxy is not for you. Find a suitable one Far Far Away.