Going through my backup mails, I found these interesting rules I had set. 5 years back, I was onsite at client location and these were the ‘ground rules’ I had set up for my offshore team at the start of a project.

I think they are still relevant.

  • No weekend work. No late nights. Not even late evenings.
    • Work smart, not hard.
    • The end result counts, not the hours that you put in.
    • Late work is just an illusion of being more productive. Don’t fall for it.
  • EOD for any deliverable/commits = 7 PM.
    • Anything delivered/committed after 7 PM will be considered next day’s deliverables and responded accordingly.
    • Leave office when you are done. It does not matter how long your superior stays in office.
  • Do not slog because of wrong estimates.
    • If you believe the estimates are wrong and it is impossible to do it in allotted time, let me know. We will together work on correcting it.
  • The above rules apply to Onsite too
    • Do not call call me after 10 PM MST (10:30 am IST) or on weekends 🙂
  • There will always be exceptions
    • There will always be exceptions to the above rules. Let’s keep them as exceptions and prevent them from becoming rules.